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Since 1957, Forward House has been helping adults who have experienced or are experiencing serious mental health difficulties. Our programs, support services, and transitional housing afford these individuals the opportunity to learn how to cope with stressful situations and how to manage their lives more effectively and independently within the larger community.

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Activities partially suspended due to Covid-19, but we remain available by phone or email.

The community centre on Girouard Avenue is much more than a gathering space: it boasts classrooms, computers, a workshop, a communal kitchen, a workout space, and Forward House’s administrative offices. Through the centre, we provide support services via three programs:

  • Day Educational Program (registration required) offering courses, activities, and organized outings Monday to Friday.

  • Evening Social Program (drop-in) for socializing, activities, dinners, and themed nights four nights a week.

  • Vocational Support Services, job search counselling, placement, and follow-up for Forward House members in partnership with our network of community organizations.


Activities are ongoing but affected by Covid-19 measures.

Forward House mental health workers contact and meet with individuals via three services:

Young Man in Therapy


To help individuals regain their autonomy, Forward House Residential Services operate three coeducational group homes for a total of 22 adults and the MIR Plus group home for 11 adults.

Each of these shared living environments provides different levels of support and on-site staff supervision based on the needs of the residents. All four homes share the same goal: to help each individual gradually regain the life skills and coping abilities needed to live autonomously in the wider community.

“Sometimes the people around you won’t understand your journey. They don’t need to, it’s not for them.”

Joubert Botha

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